Considering Pickleball Certification? I Am Now a PPR Coach. Here’s How You Can Be One, Too.

pickleball certification

On a picture-perfect, unseasonably warm fall day, I drove across state lines to accomplish a goal I set for myself back in March: to become a certified pickleball instructor.

When choosing a pickleball certification program, you have several options. I decided to go through the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR). The organization has been around for five years and, most importantly, is the official certification partner of USA Pickleball, the national governing body for pickleball in the United States. 

Other viable options include certification through the International Federation of Pickleball Academy via a partnership with The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). There is also pickleball certification through the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA). 

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Why Play Pickleball? Here Are My Top 11 Reasons

reasons to play pickleball

With pickleball getting seemingly overhyped across America, many people ask, “why play pickleball?” and wonder if the sport is a passing fad.

As someone who spends a fair share of his time consuming pickleball-related content, one consistent theme is that people either love it or hate it. It’s ironic that such an innocent sport can be so polarizing, but this is just how it is in the 21st century. As with most things in this world, society loves to build things up and tear them down.

However, I advise you not to become a victim of the hype.

Pickleball is fantastic. And the best part is getting out there to play the game.

So while the pundits debate the credibility of pickleball as a sport (it is!), you would be best served to pick up a paddle and play. Here are a few benefits of playing pickleball.

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Pickleball Paddle Weight Guide- How to Choose the Right Equipment

Pickleball paddle weight

Pickleball paddle weight is an important consideration when choosing your equipment.

Different weights for pickleball paddles offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the weight best suits your needs is essential.

There is no “best” weight for pickleball paddles, as different players have different preferences. However, most experts agree that pickleball paddle weight is a personal preference and that the best way to choose the right weight is to experiment with different weights until you find the one that feels best for you.

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Pickleball Bingo

pickleball bingo

One of the beautiful things about playing pickleball regularly is that there is always something new and exciting happening during gameplay. However, there are some consistent themes, too. Now you can double your fun by playing pickleball and pickleball bingo simultaneously. 🙂 Have you spotted any of the items below? Play pickleball bingo after your next match! And let us know if you have any additions to the card.

Pickleball Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

pickleball gift ideas

If you are looking for pickleball gift ideas to satisfy the player in your life this holiday season, you are in the right place. From pickleball equipment to pickleball accessories, your ultimate gift guide is here.

The holiday shopping season arrives earlier and earlier each year. Current economic conditions, including substantial inflation rates, make it more important to shop early to secure the best deals.

Historically, Black Friday 2022 (This year on Friday, November 25), has been the best time to score the best deals, but in today’s world, things are changing fast. So take care of that pickleball player in your life with these gift ideas for pickleball players. Pickleball gifts include:

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How to Keep Focus During Pickleball – These Tactics Helped Me Win My First Tournament

How to Keep Focus During Pickleball

It was my first pickleball match with a professional referee officiating. And I found myself unusually nervous.

The kitchen turned into a fiery cauldron; I became hyperaware of my surroundings.

Not only did it freak me out that someone was watching the match, but I didn’t know what to expect. The referee, who was super nice, explained that part of the gig entails calling the score before each serve. A minor detail, yet one more thing to think about during the tournament final.

The match got underway, and the first rally ended abruptly when my assigned partner was called for a kitchen violation.


There’s that ref again!

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The Best Pickleball Team Building Exercises

pickleball team building

Pickleball team building presents a ton of opportunities for teams to bond. Whether you are looking to rally the sales staff, break down walls between departments, or bring people closer together post-pandemic, pickleball’s low barrier to entry and proximity of play make it the perfect event to bring people together.

Here are a few reasons why Pickleball Rookie predicts that pickleball team building is the next wave of the sport’s rapid growth.

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Pickleball Gloves – Are They Right for Your Game?

pickleball gloves

If you are new to pickleball, you probably have many questions, including, do I need to wear pickleball gloves? The short answer is the choice is yours–it’s simply a matter of preference. And while the vast majority of pickleball players do not wear gloves, there are several benefits depending on how your body is constructed.

Here are several reasons gloves for pickleball might work for your game.

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How to Serve in Pickleball – Rules and Tips

How to Serve in Pickleball

If you are wondering how to serve in pickleball, you are in the right place! From pickleball serve rules to the types of pickleball serves to master, we have you covered.

The serve is one of the most important aspects of pickleball. A good serve can put your opponent on the defensive and give you an early lead in the game. In this blog post, we’ll go over the basics of serving in pickleball, including the rules, foot placement, types of serves, and strategy. By the end of this post, you’ll be an ace at serving! And that’s key. Because if you can’t get your serve in…you can’t score!

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The Most Embarrassing Pickleball Moments (and how to avoid them)

embarrassing pickleball moments

No one likes to be embarrassed, especially in front of a crowd. And the thing about being embarrassed on a pickleball court is that the other players are nearby, ready and waiting to laugh. So here are a few ways to embarrass yourself on the pickleball court.

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