Why Is it Called Pickleball and Other Fun Facts

why is it called pickleball

Why is it called pickleball is a question that has sparked much debate, particularly over the past few years as the sport has grown. Today, pickleball is played by over 37 million people in the U.S. and more around the world, all of who enjoy its fast-paced and competitive nature. So where did the awesome game get its salty name?

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Why Is Pickleball So Addictive?

pickleball addiction

Over the past year, it has been impossible to escape the pickleball fever that has swept the nation. But, as the fastest-growing sport continues to claim more pickleball addicts, many people are wondering why is pickleball so addictive.

You probably find yourself playing more and more if you are a player. And when you’re not playing pickleball, you are thinking about pickleball or talking about pickleball or dreaming about pickleball. What gives?!

Google searches for “pickleball” continue to climb; you are not alone in your pickleball addiction.

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Pickleball Bingo

pickleball bingo

One of the beautiful things about playing pickleball regularly is that there is always something new and exciting happening during gameplay.

However, there are some consistent themes, too. Now you can double your fun by playing pickleball and pickleball bingo simultaneously. 🙂 Have you spotted any of the items below?

pickleball bingo

Play pickleball bingo after your next match! And let us know if you have any additions to the card.

Pickleball Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

pickleball gift ideas

If you are looking for pickleball gift ideas to satisfy the player in your life this holiday season, you are in the right place. From pickleball equipment to pickleball accessories, your ultimate gift guide is here.

The holiday shopping season arrives earlier and earlier each year. Current economic conditions, including substantial inflation rates, make it more important to shop early to secure the best deals.

Historically, Black Friday 2022 (This year on Friday, November 25), has been the best time to score the best deals, but in today’s world, things are changing fast. So take care of that pickleball player in your life with these gift ideas for pickleball players. Pickleball gifts include:

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The Best Pickleball Team Building Exercises

pickleball team building

Pickleball team building presents a ton of opportunities for teams to bond. Whether you are looking to rally the sales staff, break down walls between departments, or bring people closer together post-pandemic, pickleball’s low barrier to entry and proximity of play make it the perfect event to bring people together.

Here are a few reasons why Pickleball Rookie predicts that pickleball team building is the next wave of the sport’s rapid growth.

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Pickleball Art Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

pickleball art

Pickleball art is a trend that is growing as fast as the sport itself. 

Whether we choose to play for a love of the game or are completely comfortable as a spectator, there is no doubt that sports have a way of capturing our hearts. Often, that joy winds up hung on the wall in the form of art.

From Henri Rousseau’s “The Football Players” to Umberto Boccioni’s “Dynamism of a Cyclist,” the history of art is filled with tributes to our favorite sports. Rousseau’s painting captures the motion and energy of a game, while Boccioni’s futuristic work emphasizes the speed and power of a cyclist in motion.

These are just two examples of how sports can be interpreted through art. And pickleball is no different. Whether it’s a photograph, painting, or sculpture, art can help us appreciate the beauty of pickleball – even if we’ve never played the game before.

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Pickleball Score Keeper and Tracking Devices

pickleball score keeper

The most popular question asked on the recreational pickleball court is simple: “What’s the score again?”

Learning how to score in pickleball is one hurdle that players must clear. However, learning how to track and keep score as a match unfolds is an even bigger challenge for some. I understand the plight. I will often tell my partners to trust me to have their back, but do not trust me to know the score.

I know I am not alone because both opponents and partners often ask me the score. There appears to be a segment of players that are obsessive about knowing the score for every point.

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