19 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pickleball

As I hit my 20th month of playing pickleball, I reflect on why I am thankful for the sport. It has delivered a surprising amount of joy into my life as an amateur player and pro blogger. Never in a million years would I have guessed that pickleball would become such a big part of me. But here we are, and I look forward to continuing to play, always learning, and spreading the pickleball love.

Here are the reasons I am grateful for pickleball. Please add your thoughts in the comments section.

Pickleball gets you moving. Pickleball is a fun way to exercise and improve cardiovascular health. The game keeps you active as you run around the court and burn tons of calories.

It works your reflexes. The fast-paced volleying in pickleball helps sharpen your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. You have to react quickly to hit the ball back. So get working on that hand speed!

It engages your mind. Pickleball involves strategy, counting points, and figuring out where to place the ball. The mental engagement keeps your mind sharp. Just don’t let the scoring keep you away; it gets easier as you go!

thankful for pickleball

Pickleball is social. Pickleball is usually played with others, either in singles or doubles. Being part of a team and interacting with fellow players is stimulating. Though we do have some ideas on playing pickleball alone.

It builds skills. Like any sport, pickleball allows you to build your skills over time. You can see your improvement in serving, returning, and court coverage rather quickly with regular play.

It is competitive. The competition in pickleball, whether friendly or tournament, gives you an adrenaline rush and satisfies the human drive to compete.

It teaches sportsmanship. Pickleball involves line calls, scoring disputes, and other scenarios that call for integrity and fair play. The sport promotes good sportsmanship; most players are not a$$holes.

Pickleball is multigenerational. Players across many age groups can enjoy pickleball. Pickleball is fun for families to play together. And it’s great to meet people of all ages and even get your butt kicked by senior citizens.

It accommodates disabilities. The smaller court and lightweight paddle allow physically challenged people to enjoy the sport. The game can easily be adapted for players of all types and stripes.

It is affordable. Essential pickleball equipment like a paddle and balls are inexpensive compared to the costs of other sports. Though paddles can get very expensive. Courts are often free at community parks.

It is accessible. Pickleball can get started without a high level of athleticism. The basics can be learned quickly.

It mixes things up. Trying a new sport like pickleball breaks you out of an exercise routine rut and challenges you in new ways. Personally, I loved learning something new from the ground floor.

Pickleball improves coordination. The back-and-forth exchanges in pickleball develop your hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility.

It relieves stress. The physical exertion of pickleball lets you burn off tension and frustration. The mental focus takes your mind off worries. I find playing pickleball delivers the same mental clarity I achieve through meditation.

It teaches patience. Mistakes and losses are part of pickleball. Learning to take those setbacks in stride develops your patience. Plus, many rallies take patience, knowing when to attack and when to lay low.

It builds community. Sharing an interest in pickleball with other players connects you more deeply to your local community.

It gets you outdoors. Playing pickleball gets you outside to enjoy fresh air and vitamin D instead of being cooped up indoors. We have a group of Polar Players in our area; no matter the temperature, they are out on the court!

It fosters teamwork. You must communicate, strategize, and collaborate with your partner for doubles pickleball.

Pickleball is fun! Above all, pickleball is an enjoyable activity and great way to have fun. The lightheartedness brings smiles and laughter.

Pickleball has delivered far more to me than I ever expected when I first stepped on the court. It’s become a source of joy, community, and belonging. I look forward to continuing my pickleball journey. If you’re new to the sport, I hope you’ll give it a try and see what it can bring to your life, too!

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