My Secret Weapon for Better Pickleball – The Wrist Ball

I’ve been playing pickleball for nearly two years and I’m always on the lookout for something that can help me play better. I focus on serving well and moving quickly, especially near the net.

Recently, I found a great tool that’s really helped: the wrist ball.

What Is a Wrist Ball?

A wrist ball is like a tennis ball with a spinning weight inside. You hold it and move your wrist and forearm to keep the weight spinning. It’s a workout for your arm and helps you control the spin.

Wrist Ball

My Wrist Ball Routine

Before playing pickleball, I use the wrist ball for a few minutes with each hand. At first, I didn’t see much change, but after a few weeks, my hands got quicker. My serves are stronger and the ball flies off my paddle. I’ve been using the same paddle for a year, but now I play better thanks to the wrist ball.

This ball has made my hand, wrist, and forearm muscles stronger in ways just playing pickleball can’t. It helps with endurance, reduces tiredness, and makes it easier to move the paddle quickly. It’s a simple and cheap tool, but it’s really improved my game.

Sometimes, other players ask about the ball and what I’m doing with it. I’m happy to tell them about my secret for getting stronger and lasting longer in games. If you want to get better at pickleball, try using a wrist ball.


this cheap little device might make you look silly, but it can really help your pickleball game! #pickleball #pickleballaddiction #gyroball

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Why Use a Gyro Wrist Ball

– Strengthens your forearms and wrists.
– Improves how you move your hands and eyes together.
– Small, easy to carry, and not expensive.
– Good for preventing or recovering from injuries.

– Using it too much at first can make your muscles sore.
– It only works certain muscles, not your whole upper body.
-If you get really strong, it might not feel challenging enough.
– Some cheaper ones might shake when you use them.

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