Pickleball Accessories As Gifts or Self Love

Anyone who has played pickleball with me, knows I am a hug fan of pickleball accessories. From my stupidly funky socks to trotting out the latest fitness tracker, I’m not shy about being a consumerist.

And pickleball players are known fanatics when it comes to buying anything and everything to improve their game, which is why pickleball accessories are huge! While the standard paddles, balls, and court shoes are must-haves, there are plenty of unconventional accessories that can really step up your play and increase your good time on the court. Some even help avoid those achy joints and annoying injuries that come with the turf.

Pickleball Accessories

This list runs from specialty socks to speakers to joint braces that many players swear by. While a bit out there compared to basics like paddles and balls, these accessories might just become your new essentials once you try them out. At the very least, they can add an element of fun and comfort to make you love pickleball even more, as if that were even possible!

Keep reading to discover some surprisingly useful pickleball accessories that all diehard dinkers and drive-smashers should consider having in their game bag.

Specialty socks (Thorlos, compression) – Cushioning and snug fit help prevent painful blisters and keep your feet comfortable during play. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and snug compression styles that hug your feet to avoid irritation in your shoes while moving around the court.

Massage gun – Knead out those sore muscles after a long day on the courts with a massage gun. These powerful handheld devices use concentrated pressure to deeply penetrate muscles and help accelerate recovery from strenuous games.

Portable chair – Lightweight compact chairs allow you to sit and rest between matches so you stay fresh. Look for easily portable and foldable models with breathable mesh material that won’t retain heat in warm weather.

Rosin bag Keep a rosin bag handy to regularly powder your palm and paddle handle for better traction – it soaks up moisture and improves your grip for more confident shots. When it comes to pickleball accessories, this one is often overlooked but can be a game changer for folks with sweaty hands,

Net adjustment tools – Keep nets at proper height with a wrench and tape measure to fix sagging that throws off your game.

Sports eye protection – Protect your eyes from speeding balls with impact-resistant glasses or sunglasses. While on our list of pickleball accessories, we would consider this more of a pickleball essential!

UV/compression sleeves – Keep arms shielded from the sun’s rays and muscles warm with snug sleeves. Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that provide both UV protection and compression support to boost circulation and keep muscles warm and limber while playing.

Grip enhancers (gel, tape) – Tacky tape or cushioned gel gives you a better handle on the paddle to prevent slippage.

Lead tape – Strategically placed weights fine-tune the paddle balance for more power and control.

Bluetooth speaker – Let the tunes play with a wireless speaker for fun on the courts.

Insulated water bottle – Big icy drinks keep you energized and avoid cramps on hot days.

Non-polarized sunglasses – Pick up the ball better coming at you with sunglasses optimized for sports play.

Headbands – Absorbent headbands prevent irritating sweat dripping into your eyes during games.

KT tape/braces – Support those aching joints with targeted tape and braces for injury prevention.

Pickleball Gloves – Gloves provide a better grip, especially when hands get slick with sweat.

Ankle tape – Stabilize those ankles and prevent rolling or tendinitis pain with simple taping.

Electrolyte packets – Replenish depleted salts and minerals lost from heavy sweating. These convenient portable packets can be added to your water bottle to restore hydration and energy by replacing vital electrolytes sweated out during intense play.

Leaf blower – Quickly clear debris off the court before play with a powerful blower.

Paddle name band – Identify your paddle with a wrap displaying your name. Or use these methods to mark your pickleball paddle and ball.

Calf/Achilles stretcher – Stretch out tight lower legs with a dedicated stretcher for injury prevention.

Cooling Towels – Compact, mini cooling towels are easy to keep in your pocket or bag when playing pickleball. These small towels cool when wet and allow you to conveniently wipe away sweat and regulate your body temperature after intense rallies.

With the endless accessories and gadgets out there aimed at pickleball players, you’re sure to find a few unconventional items that upgrade your game and enjoyment on the courts. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you – part of the fun with this sport is discovering new tricks and tools! Happy shopping, and enjoy your new pickleball goodies.

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