Pickleball Gloves – Are They Right for Your Game?

If you are new to pickleball, you probably have many questions, including, do I need to wear pickleball gloves? The short answer is the choice is yours–it’s simply a matter of preference. And while the vast majority of pickleball players do not wear gloves, there are several benefits depending on how your body is constructed.

Here are several reasons gloves for pickleball might work for your game.

Suffer From Pickleball Sweaty Hands?

Wearing gloves while playing pickleball can help improve your grip on the paddle, which can lead to better control and more powerful shots. And if you suffer from sweaty hands, gloves can help ensure you keep a clutch on your paddle.

Pickleball Sweaty Hands

Avoid Pickleball Hand Injuries

Pickleball gloves can help protect your hands from blisters and calluses. Some people are prone to hand issues, and good gloves can be a quick solution. It is also a good idea to check your pickleball grip (which should be relatively loose) and the wrapping around the paddle’s handle, which should be smooth, yet slightly absorbent and tacky. There are many overwrap options to consider before moving on to gloves.

Pickleball Hand Injuries

Pickleball Gloves for Cold Weather

If your hands tend to get cold, gloves can be a godsend. As the weather here in NY is starting to chill down, I am considering pickleball gloves for indoor play. My hands tend to run cold, even after my body warms up. And since pickleball warm-up time is often limited during league play, I’d rather start bundled up and shed layers as my body heats up. A popular choice for winter pickleball gloves is football receiver gloves, which tend to be a bit tacky, allowing you to maintain a loose grip even when playing in cold weather. Another hack to consider is placing disposable hand warmers inside a wide wristband.

Pickleball Gloves for Cold Weather

Eliminate Pickleball Vibration

If you find the vibration after striking the ball is sending pain into any part of your body, pickleball gloves can help absorb the shock, mitigating the ripple effect. You would be surprised at how a little extra cushion can help reduce elbow, wrist, and finger pain.

While there are a few gloves out there manufactured specifically for pickleball, the reality is, all types of gloves can be effective: batting gloves, racquetball gloves, handball gloves, golf gloves, etc. As with most things in life, find what works best for you and stick with it. Here are a few pickleball gloves that could be worth trying out.

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