How to Handle a Pickleball Ball Hog

When you’re trying to enjoy a fun game of pickleball, there’s nothing more frustrating than a ball hog teammate who insists on taking every shot, even ones clearly meant for you. Instead of fun rallies, points are over quickly with the ball hog going for shots they had no business going for. We’ve all been there. Personally, there have been times where I will mutter to myself the whole way home that I should have taken control of the situation. So, how can you handle this tricky on-court scenario? We have a few ideas!

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Nice Guys Finish Last: My Pickleball Etiquette Epiphany

Last night, it was business as usual at my “Advanced Intermediate to Advanced” pickleball league–until it wasn’t.

I was winning a doubles match 8-1.

I hit a wicked hard slice shot from just in front of the baseline.

The ball took a crazy turn and started to gravitate towards my opponent’s head. He just got his paddle up in time and hit a errant ball that sailed into the benches.

He wasn’t happy.

“Hey, I have to go to work tomorrow.” 

I apologized.

“Never my intention to hurt anyone.”

We continued play, and I resorted to much softer tactics.

You can probably guess what happens next.

I lost the match 11-9.

On the drive home I was pissed at myself.

After almost two years of playing the sport, I still don’t know how to keep my pedal to the metal; I’m billing myself The Empathetic Pickleballer.  

But that doesn’t show up in the box score.

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How to Advance from 3.5 to 4.0 in Pickleball

Graduating from 3.5 to 4.0 in pickleball is one of the most difficult journeys the recreational player can make. If you’re a seasoned 3.5 pickleball player looking to break into the 4.0 level, improving your skills takes focus and dedication. Based on advice from advanced players and my own experience, here are some pickleball tips for 3.5 players to graduate to a 4.0 level.

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Pickleball Bullies: When Your Opponents Pick on Your Partner

During our recent pickleball league finals, my partner and I faced a couple of pickleball bullies. It’s a common strategy: the two men we were up against decided to target my partner, an excellent female player, often leaving me watching from the sidelines. Their strategy was effective, leveraging power to overwhelm her with consecutive shots. She held her own, but they won the match, leaving me putting together plans to counteract such tactics in the future.

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Pickleball Doubles Strategies: How to Exploit Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

The strategic depth of pickleball, especially in doubles matches, is often underestimated. To excel, it’s not enough to only master your game; you must also be able to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. Here are some pickleball doubles strategies to get the upper hand in your doubles pickleball matches.

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