Pickleball Tips for Intermediate Players: 18 Common Mistakes to Avoid

pickleball tips

Use these pickleball tips for intermediate players to take your game to the next level.

As a pickleball player transitions from the novice stage to an intermediate level, the game becomes more demanding and competitive. But also more fun!

To continue to elevate your game, circumvent common pitfalls that can potentially limit your progress.

To move on from Pickleball Rookie status, tackle this list of mistakes that intermediate pickleball players often make.

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How to Change Momentum in Pickleball

pickleball momentum

Pickleball is similar to tennis in that it can turn on a dime when it comes to a change in momentum. That makes it imperative to maintain your focus on every point. And if you’re in control, do your best to stay that way.

I recently played a match where I employed a new strategy. Having just played for an hour, I was warmed up and feeling confident, while my opponent had only spent 10 minutes practicing dinks before our match. Recognizing this discrepancy in our pickleball warm-up routines, I consciously decided to go with an aggressive strategy, using the momentum I had built up to seize control of the game right from the outset.

The results were awesome–at least for me!

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How to Beat Pickleball Bangers

how to beat bangers in pickleball

Explore strategies for outsmarting pickleball bangers in this comprehensive guide, covering tactics from deep returns to mixing power with finesse, helping you thrive against aggressive players.

Pickleball is an engaging and fast-paced sport that caters to a wide range of playing styles, including aggressive players known as “bangers.” While it can be intimidating to face these hard-hitters, it’s crucial to understand that there are various tactics to counter their aggressive playstyle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore different strategies to help you beat bangers while maintaining an unbiased perspective on the merits of diverse playing styles.

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The Perfect Pickleball Cool-Down Routine

Pickleball Cool-Down Routine

A pickleball cool-down routine is essential to any pickleball player’s workout. They help to prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness, and improve recovery. But too many players (guilty!) hop in their car after pickleball play and think hydration is enough. Wrong!

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Skinny Singles Pickleball – How to Play and Rules

skinny singles

Recently, I’ve been adding pickleball drills that resemble real-game situations to my repertoire, and skinny singles pickleball is just what the doctor ordered! Covering dinks, drives, drops, serves, and volleys is all part of the game, and since the game only requires half the court, you only need one additional person to play.

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All About the Pickleball Pre-Serve Ritual

pickleball rituals

I bounce the ball as I walk to the service line.

I hold the ball up to my opponents, a universal indicator that we’re all ready.

I set my feet, bounce the pickleball ball twice more and call out the score.

While doing all of this, I note the receiver’s position and make a quick decision on where I will place the ball.

And then I serve.

You might have observed pre-serve routines in sports like pickleball, tennis, or even volleyball and wondered about their significance. Why are these routines so prevalent across various sports? 

I’m unsure if my serve routine is completely optimized for the game, but it works for me.

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The Best Pickleball Advice Ever Has to Do With Sleep

pickleball sleep

The importance of consistently getting a good night’s sleep cannot be emphasized enough, especially for pickleball enthusiasts looking to enhance their performance on the court.

Adequate rest empowers your brain to unleash its full potential, boosting your memory and cognitive abilities. But that’s not all! Quality sleep also helps regulate mood, promotes heart health, and balances the hormones responsible for managing appetite.

Here are a few methods Pickleball Rookie uses to improve our sleep, and we hope they help you, too!

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How to Improve Reaction Time in Pickleball

pickleball reaction time

Pickleball players of all ages understand that improving your reaction time can elevate your game to the next level.

The fierce exchange of volleys. Four players at the line, dripping sweat, ripping forehands and backhands with mind-numbing speed. High-level pickleball can be an exhilarating knife fight. Aside from an insanely cool Erne or ATP, winning a rally like this is the best feeling in pickleball.

But losing? Losing one of these tenacious rallies is a drag.

Here’s the good news. You can increase your reaction time, and I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on how to do it.

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