What Is Pickleball? I Took a Lesson to Find Out!

what is pickleball

I took my first one-on-one pickleball lesson this week to answer America’s favorite recent question, “What is pickleball?” I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the fastest-growing sport in America. It is clear that I have a ton to learn, but the 60-minute session left me confident that my tennis skills will translate well on the pickleball court. However, there were a few surprises for this brand new player. If you’re considering picking up a pickleball paddle, here are a few things that my instructor shared with me, as well as a few things that caught me off guard.

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Understanding Pickleball Faults: A Guide for Beginners

pickleball faults

When I first started playing pickleball last year, one of the most confusing aspects was grasping the concept of “pickleball faults.” If you’re new to the game, you’re likely wondering what they are, how they affect gameplay, and most importantly, how to avoid them. In this guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know about pickleball faults.

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The Best Pickleball Warm-Up Routine

pickleball warm-up routine

Being an avid pickleball player, I never hit the court without my tested and vetted pickleball warm-up routine. Before both casual games and intense tournaments, I make sure I’m primed and ready. After some tweaking (get it!?), here’s is the routine I employ to avoid pickleball injuries.

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Pickleball Noise Concerns Addressed With New ‘Quiet Category’

pickleball noise

USA Pickleball takes proactive measures against pickleball noise to ensure the sport pleases the masses.

pickleball noise

USA Pickleball, the sport’s national governing body, has taken a significant step by unveiling its “Quiet Category” for pickleball products. This progressive move comes in light of growing noise concerns associated with the sport, focusing on reducing sound levels during recreational play.

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The Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners
Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

Navigating the world of pickleball paddles, especially as a newcomer, can seem overwhelming. With the market flooded with countless brands and models, knowing what makes a good beginner’s paddle is crucial. As someone relatively new to pickleball, I feel your pain and want to try to make your life a bit easier.

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Pickleball Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Peak Performance

pickleball nutrition

As a pickleball player who hits the courts multiple times a week, I’ve learned that the secret sauce to elevating my game isn’t just practice—proper nutrition and getting good sleep. Every element plays a critical role in my performance, from the essential carbohydrate kick to the protein punch (and let’s not forget hydration). Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, discover how the right foods and drinks can take your pickleball game to the next level.

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How to Fall Gracefully in Pickleball

pickleball footwork

Let’s get real for a moment; falls are inevitable, especially in a sport as dynamic as pickleball. I used to brush off the idea of “fall prevention” as an illusion. I believed that instead of trying to prevent falls, we should be focusing on minimizing injury during those falls. But my experiences on the pickleball court taught me that it’s a blend of both; learning to fall gracefully and taking preventive measures to avoid these tumbles in the first place. With pickleball injuries on the rise, you want to do everything you can to stay on the court!

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Pickleball Power – The Ultimate Guide

power paddle

Pickleball power is sooooo different from decades ago.

Heck, it’s lightyears different from when I started to play 18 months ago!

The biggest change, aside from the sheer number of players: POWER.

Players are transcending the age-old strategy of merely enduring opponents, now adopting an assertive playing style to dictate points. Are today’s players younger and more fit than yesteryear? You bet your bottom dollar!

Even elite players like Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin and Catherine Parenteau’ emphasize the value of power. Forget about beating bangers; ask yourself, how can you add more power to your pickleball game? 

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How to Stay Motivated for Pickleball

pickleball motivation

We all have those days. The sun is shining, the pickleball court beckons, yet you just can’t muster the energy or the enthusiasm to pick up your paddle. 

For those who’ve discovered the dynamic world of pickleball, and harbor dreams of tournament victories, staying motivated is paramount. If today is one of those days where the sofa looks more tempting than the court, consider these tips to recharge your spirit and stay on the path to improvement.

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Used Pickleball Paddles – Everything You Need to Know

Used Pickleball Paddles

Buying used pickleball paddles online is an adventure. 

The proliferation of the sport, coupled with the obsession many players have with finding the perfect paddle to gain an edge over the competition, and it’s no wonder that picking up a secondhand paddle is like navigating the Wild West.

I’ve been fortunate to have mostly positive experiences, securing some great deals on quality paddles that added value to my game. However, like any online purchase, buying used pickleball equipment has its pitfalls. But as expensive pickleball paddles proliferate the market, sometimes a used bargain is your best bet!

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10 Tips to Elevate Your Pickleball Skills

pickleball skills

When I first picked up a pickleball paddle, my sole focus was ensuring the ball made it over the net. Over time, as I started to feel the rhythm of the ball and the paddle, I grew more confident, learning the rules and refining my reflexes. Gradually, I evolved from a novice player to someone quite proficient. It felt like the game had become second nature to me. And oh, how exhilarating it was to win!

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