Cute Pickleball Paddles Bring Style to the Court

cute pickleball paddles

Slay the court in style with these cute pickleball paddles! Elevate your look as you elevate your game!

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to add some flair to your repertoire or just starting out with pickleball and want gear as flashy as your wicked backhand, we’ve got you covered.

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Say goodbye to boring paddles! From floral prints to geometric patterns, bold colors to boho vibes, we’re serving up pickleball paddles that offer both performance and panache. No need to sacrifice function for fashion with these choices that bring power, precision, AND personality. Read on for our roundup of the most stylish paddles that will have you looking as good as you play!

Luxe Pickleball Checker

The Checker paddle from Luxe Pickleball is a stylish yet powerful option for players looking to add some flair to their game. Its fiberglass surface and honeycomb polymer core give it great pop and a large sweet spot to really go after shots. While it may not yet be USA Pickleball approved, we love the Checker for its near 20 unique girly prints – perfect for players wanting to show off their personal style on the court with cute pickleball paddles!


  • Weight: 7.75 OZ
  • Length: 7.638″
  • Height: 15.591″
  • Grip Length: 4.82″
  • Grip Circumference: 4.5″
  • Core Thickness: 11mm
Cute Pickleball Paddles

Recess – Girls Bank | India Hicks

Designed in collaboration with India Hicks, the Recess Girls Bank paddle brings a touch of paradise to the court. This composite paddle features a crisp white fiberglass face accented with Hicks’ island-inspired pattern on both sides. We love the included embroidered canvas case with leather details – perfect for storing the paddle in beachy style. With its unique look courtesy of beloved designer India Hicks, the Girls Bank paddle from Recess is a cute yet durable option ready for fun in the sun.


  • 15.67″ H x 7.8″ ‘W
  • Weight: 7.5-8 OZ
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
Cute Pickleball Paddles

Anthropologie – Clairebella Pickleball Paddle

Bring a dose of whimsy to your next pickleball match with the Clairebella paddle. Its charming floral design wraps around the entire fiberglass surface, offering a fun look on both sides as you dink and volley. The paddle’s faux leather grip provides a comfortable hold while the polypropylene core gives balanced power. We love the Clairebella for its unique, artsy style – certain to brighten up any court and bring cute pickleball paddles to the forefront!


  • Board measures 15.65″ x 7.5″
  • Handle length: 5″
  • Grip circumference: 4.25″
Cute Pickleball Paddles

SCS – Cacti | Evo-Lite Series

Bring precision and power to your game with the Salted City Sports Evo-Lite paddle. Its polypropylene core and textured fiberglass face give you excellent control to place shots exactly where you want. The elongated shape provides some extra reach while the grippy handle lets you rip into returns with confidence. We love the Evo-Lite for its fun cactus design that adds style to any serious player’s repertoire.


  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Dimensions: Overall- 16.5″ X 7.5″; Handle Length- 5.6″; Handle Circumference- 4.25″
  • Weight: 7.8- 8.2 oz
  • Core: 13mm Polypropelene
  • Surface: Fiberglass
Cute Pickleball Paddles

Tangerine Newport, R.I.

Bring speed and power to your game with the Tangerine Newport paddle. Its lightweight design improves hand speed while the elongated shape provides extra reach. The fiberglass face gives great pop on shots for dynamic offense. We love the Newport for its colorful geometric pattern that delivers stand-out style on the courts. With its lively looks and performance-driven design, this paddle packs a stylish punch.


  • 15.65” Length x 7.7” Wide
  • 7.6 oz. Weight
  • 5″ Handle length
  • 4.25″ Grip circumstance
Cute Pickleball Paddles

GOCHIPOO Pretty Boho Gold

Bring boho flair to the courts with the GOCHIPOO Pretty Boho Gold paddle. Its lightweight design and honeycomb core provide excellent touch and power for all skill levels. The smooth fiberglass face offers a large sweet spot for consistent shots. We love this paddle for its fun geometric pattern in vibrant colors – perfect for players looking to add some stylish pizzazz to their game. With its lively look and customizable options, this paddle makes a fab gift for the free spirit looking for cute pickleball paddles.


  • Approved for use by USA Pickleball (formerly USAPA)
  • Paddle: 7.75″ L x 11″ H
  • Paddle with handle: 7.75″ L x 15.75″ H
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Style: Standard
Cute Pickleball Paddles

Cute Pickleball Paddle Sets

Ditch the solo paddle and double the fun with a paddle set! Having that backup paddle means you’ll never have to sit out when your pal forgets theirs. Mix and match to find your perfect pair as you dink and volley. Try different sizes, weights, grips to customize your game. And when it’s time to play pickleball doubles, you’ve already got your partner covered. No need to scramble before the match! A paddle set is like peanut butter and jelly – the perfect pickleball pair. All the cool kids have two, so snag a set and step up your game in style. With options for every player, cute pickleball paddle sets let you share the love of this awesome sport.

Premium Pickleball Paddle Set, 4 Paddles With 4 Indoor Outdoor Balls & 1 Bag

This adorable pickleball paddle set is as cute as it is functional! Perfect for new and experienced players alike, the set’s stylish design features fun, vibrant colors and prints that will brighten up any court. Now you can look as good as you play with paddles that are as pleasing to the eye as they are high-performing. The included indoor/outdoor balls and carrying bag make it easy to take this versatile set on the go. Looking to get in on the fastest growing sport around? This paddle set has everything you need to start playing in super cute style! Both beginners and seasoned players will love its performance and playful look – it makes a fabulous gift for pickleball lovers with fashionable flair.

cute pickleball set

Play Paddles Breakfast Box Set

Start your day off smashing with this egg-cellent breakfast-themed paddle pair! Unbox the fun packaging to reveal two paddles – the Waffle griddle-ready for volleys and the Bacon & Eggs ready to serve up sizzling spins. These playful designs will have you flipping out when you take the court! Rise and smack with these paddles that are sure to get you on a woll! Don’t miss the chance to snag this cracking paddle combo for a berry gouda time.

cute pickleball set

Sprypals Pickleball Set of 4

The Sprypals pickleball set has everything you need for fun family play. It includes 4 premium wooden paddles for consistent shots, 2 indoor balls and 2 outdoor balls to practice your skills anywhere, and a carry bag to transport it all. Whether you’re looking to improve your pickleball game or just want to enjoy casual rallies, this set will keep the good times rolling. Gather your crew and get ready for hours of pickleball fun with this complete package.

cute pickleball set

Whether you’re a competitive player seeking an edge or a casual hobbyist looking to add some style, these cute pickleball paddles deliver on all fronts. With options ranging from floral prints to abstract patterns, vibrant colors to nature-inspired designs, you’re sure to find the perfect paddle to match your personality. And don’t forget to grab an adorable paddle set so you can share the fun with friends and family – it makes a fantastic gift! Whichever you choose, these stylish paddles prove you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Now get out there, be bold, and play your heart out in the cutest pickleball gear around. The court is calling!

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