Stocking Stuffers for Pickleball Players That Are Inexpensive

If you are not a pickleball player, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about the sport. The paddle game went from an unknown to a novelty to being borderline ubiquitous!

Since your family and friends who play pickleball will not stop talking about the sport, why not feed their hunger? From small birthday gifts to stocking stuffers, there are plenty of affordable pickleball gifts that will make the player in your life smile.

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Kinesiology Tape for Pickleball

Kinesiology tape is a must-have for any dedicated pickleballer. This elastic therapeutic tape provides joint support and pain relief during play. Toss a roll of it in their stocking so they can tape up any strains or sore muscles. Available in a variety of colors, it also adds style on the court. Kinesiology tape makes a thoughtful gift to keep them playing their best.

Kinesiology Tape

Pickleballs for Players

You can never go wrong gifting pickleballs to an avid player. These plastic balls get easily damaged during games, so players can always use fresh new ones. Give a tube of outdoor or indoor balls so they’ll be set for play on any court. The more pickleballs you give, the more time they can spend playing their favorite sport!

X-40 Pickleball Balls

Pickleball Overgrip

Help your pickleball player improve their grip with a pack of overgrips. These adhesive tape strips wrap around the paddle handle to absorb sweat and provide cushioning. Overgrips wear out over time, so players appreciate having extras on hand. Pick a variety pack of colors and textures so they can customize their paddle and play in total comfort.

Gamma Sports Overgrip

Pickleball Stocking Stuffer: Sweatbands

Keep sweat out of their eyes while they play with a pair of performance sweatbands. These stretchy, moisture-wicking bands wrap around the forehead or wrist to absorb drips during intense rallies. Sweatbands make great stocking stuffers for the pickleball athlete in your life. Choose a fun design or their favorite color to add personality to their on-court look.

pickleball sweatbands

Unique Pickleball Gift: Bag Tags

Help your favorite pickleball player keep track of their gear with a personalized bag tag. This mini gift adds a touch of flair to their equipment bag. Choose a stylish design featuring their name, favorite number, or a cheeky pickleball phrase. A custom bag tag is a thoughtful stocking stuffer so their bag stands out at the courts or during transport.

pickleball bag tags

Pickleball Gloves

For the dedicated pickleball player who braves cold weather games, gift a pair of pickleball gloves. These fingerless gloves protect hands from chill and blisters during play. Thin, breathable material allows flexibility while padding cushions against vibration. Toss in some all-weather gloves so they can grip and swing comfortably no matter the conditions.

pickleball gloves

Cheap Pickleball Gift = Socks

What player’s outfit is complete without fun socks? Surprise your favorite “dill” athlete with pickleball-themed socks to show off their passion. These quirky socks featuring pickleballs, paddles, or punny phrases add personality on the court. With non-slip soles, they’ll have traction to play their best game. Fun socks are an affordable way to bring more smiles to every match.

pickleball socks

Resistance Bands

Help them stay limber and injury-free with a set of compact resistance bands. These stretchy bands come in varying resistance levels, perfect for strength training on the go. Toss them in a stocking so your pickleball player can strengthen their swing and prevent strains. Portable and lightweight, resistance bands make it easy to get in a workout anytime, anywhere.

pickleball gifts

Whether they are a casual player or pickleball fanatic, these small pickleball gifts will bring joy to any athlete who is addicted to pickleball. With so many affordable options, you can stuff their stocking full of practical and fun pickleball gear. Surprise the player in your life with gifts to improve their game, flaunt their passion, and stay comfortable on the court. This holiday season, give them what their pickleball-loving heart desires!

A few more inexpensive gifts for pickleball players:

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