Dink ‘n’ Dish: Gordon G.G. Gebert of National Pickleball League

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When retired rock star Gordon G.G. Gebert traded his keyboard for a pickleball paddle, he embarked on a journey that was as thrilling as any world tour. From diving head first into playing the sport to founding the National Pickleball League (NPL), Gebert’s story is a fascinating intersection of music, sports, and the relentless pursuit of passion.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Organizations and Associations

With its increasing popularity, various pickleball organizations have sprouted to support and promote the sport, each with unique characteristics and objectives. 

Since it’s a mucky landscape, we’ll aim to define the differences between pickleball clubs, national and local pickleball organizations, community groups, and associations. By understanding these differences, you can choose the most suitable group for your needs, whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player wanting to compete at a higher level.

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