Pickleball Score Keeper and Tracking Devices

The most popular question asked on the recreational pickleball court is simple: “What’s the score again?”

Learning how to score in pickleball is one hurdle that players must clear. However, learning how to track and keep score as a match unfolds is an even bigger challenge for some. I understand the plight. I will often tell my partners to trust me to have their back, but do not trust me to know the score.

I know I am not alone because both opponents and partners often ask me the score. There appears to be a segment of players that are obsessive about knowing the score for every point.

A recent opponent, tall, lanky, and considerably better than me, looked at his wrist immediately after every point. At first, I thought he was obsessively checking his heart rate since he was a bit older. But then it occurred to me that I wasn’t giving him enough of a challenge to test his heart. Apparently, he was keeping score. From apps on your Apple Watch to manual counters, there are all sorts of ways players are keeping score on the pickleball court.

Pocket Score Keeper

The pocket scorekeeper is similar to what MLB umpires used to track balls and strikes. It’s a manual clicker that will track the score. While it won’t tell you which number server is up if you are playing doubles, you can track matches up to 15 points. The counter needs to be kept in your pocket or can be dangled from the handle on your racket (though I wouldn’t recommend that approach).

pickleball score keeper

Apple Watch Pickleball Score Keeper

Go ahead, laugh–I’m an Android man. However, I will get Apple Watch envy every now and then over a slick app such as the Pickleball Score Keeper. The app allows you to keep track of all your matches (singles and doubles), track unforced errors, establish a player database to track opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and it integrates with Apple Health. (There’s also Pickleball Scorer for Android)


Originally designed for golf or tennis, the Scoreband is a water-resistant, battery-operated wrist device that allows you to press two buttons to keep score. Press a button to add to your score, and press another button to add to your opponent’s score. With the ability to count up to 99, AllScore mode means even the grandest matches can be tracked.

Beaded Bracelet

The utilitarian in me loves this basic score-keeping bracelet. It’s so light, you’ll forget you are wearing it. Simply advance the numbered beads as the game progresses and you have a fashionable analog reminder of the score. You can even add pickleball-related charms to rock this as a full-blown accessory. Think of it as an abacus for your wrist.

Courtside Pickleball Score Kepper

There are a variety of pickleball score keeper devices that you do not wear as well. These range from hi-tech digital displays that feature adjustable lighting settings to old-school manual score keepers that get flipped. In these instances, you’ll want a third-party keeping score…though the LED display does come with a remote that works from 30 feet away.

Pickleball Score Keeper

If you wear a Garmin smartwatch to track your workouts, be sure to download the Pickleball Score Keeper app at the Connect IQ store. It’s free and works on many compatible watches.

pickleball garmin

Personally, I never mind if somebody asks me what the score is. Nor do I particularly care if they get annoyed if I am asking what the score is. We all have strong components of our game and weak parts; the reality is, that keeping score isn’t everyone’s strong suit. The good news is, if you struggle with keeping pickleball score, these accessories can come to your aid. Hey, it’s an easier fix than your lousy server. 😉

Know of a pickleball score tracking device? Let us know!

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8 thoughts on “Pickleball Score Keeper and Tracking Devices”

  1. I appreciate your explanation that pickleball uses three numbers for scoring. This includes the first, which is the server’s score, the second, the opponent, and the third, the player’s number, as you mentioned. I’ll be sure to share this with my brother, who has been considering buying a pickleball scoreboard, and look into stores that might be able to assist us in doing so. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m thinking someone with any technological aptitude could become an instant multi millionaire if they could simply create a remote that clipped to your short waistline. This remote would simply be pressed by a player and advance the score on a remote electronic scoreboard. The pickleball community would eat it up and then some. Having to have a Firestick type remote to control a scoreboard is not viable for someone playing in a game. And if you think having a scoreboard in pickleball is silly, all I can tell you is that once you pass the age of 50, you forget the score after just about any point that lasts more than 12 seconds. No brainer.

    • I agree. I’ve been in touch with a few people who are working on a solution to the “keeping score” problem, and someone is ultimately going to make some serious money. I’m not sure score memory lapses are age related. I play with plenty of younger folks who never remember the score! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I’ve seen a couple of interesting ideas floated that address the comments here – the Dropshot scoreboard and the Scorbly one (both remote operated, digital pickleball scoreboards). Drew – any other insights you can share with the folks you’ve talked to?

    • Thanks for the comment, Jason. I am in touch with someone who has patented a promising manual device that attaches to your paddle. I believe it will be out over the next couple of months and I will be one of the first people to get my hands on it. Cautiously optimistic that it will solve scoring issues!

      • Sounds intriguing! Dropshot has something very similar (remote control buttons attach to the bottom of the paddle that update the board). Cheers


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