Pickleball Central Mystery Box Reveal 2023

I’m a sucker for a pickleball mystery box.

So when Pickleball Central recently alerted me that the grab bag was back in stock, I took the plunge and decided to see what I would receive the second time around.

Here’s our first Pickleball Central Mystery Box unboxing.

The allure of receiving a collection of pickleball paddles was just too strong to resist. I can easily look past items with minor cosmetic defects or products that retailers struggle to sell; my love for all things pickleball is just that strong.

Plus, my experience informs you if a mystery box is worth your hard-earned money.

Inside, we were promised:

  • Four “flawless in play” composite pickleball paddles from leading manufacturers
  • Four pickleballs
  • Two paddle cases
  • One sling bag

Previously, there was a “basic” mystery box priced at $149.99 and a “premium” version which is the one we had purchased. But this time around, there is only a single option.

And clearly, Pickleball Central did not take any of my advice from our first review. I still maintain that there are simple ways to elevate the product to add more excitement to the experience.

The merch is pretty much just thrown into a plain cardboard box. There’s nothing about the experience that makes it feel like an “event.” If Pickleball Central wants to generate excitement and demand for these boxes, I’d suggest investing in eye-catching graphics for the entire experience, including the box itself.

Incorporating a postcard with QR codes for each item would also be a thoughtful addition, allowing customers to learn more about their new products.

However, let me clarify: I don’t regret purchasing the Pickleball Central Mystery Box. I think the overall value is there if you’re looking to keep a high-end paddle (or two) and sell off the merch you’re not interested in.

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.

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