Pickleball Central Mystery Box — Premium Edition — Unboxing

I am the proud owner of a Pickleball Central Mystery Box. And I splurged for the “Premium” edition. 🙂

Never one to gamble on mystery boxes since my skeptical side believes it will be nothing but a collection of merchandise that no one wants, I couldn’t resist the lure of getting a bunch of pickleball paddles. The rational me recognizes that mystery boxes are often filled with blemished items or products that a retailer cannot move otherwise. However, the emotional me, which is in love with everything pickleball, couldn’t resist the opportunity.

I also figured it was a win-win proposition.

The Benefits of a Pickleball Mystery Box

-I would experience the excitement of opening the mystery box along with my son
-I can always sell unwanted paddles on third-party marketplaces
-I’d own a bunch of extra paddles to help introduce my family and friends to the sport

Pickleball Mystery Box Unboxing

I hope this post and video help you decide if PickleballCentral’s mystery box is for you.

The Pickleball Promise

The website promised:
-Four “perfectly playable” composite pickleball paddles from top manufacturers
-Two wood pickleball paddles
-Three outdoor pickleballs
-Two or more pickleball promotional items

The standard mystery box costs $149.99. The “premium” version unboxed in the video above will run you $279.99.

Was the Mystery Box Worth It?

While the results delivered the promised price value, I was slightly disappointed. There wasn’t much love put into the packaging, packing or merchandise to make the mystery box feel like an “event.” If Pickleball Central wants to create buzz and demand around these boxes, I’d recommend investing in graphics that can be used throughout the experience, including the box itself.

Additionally, it would be a nice touch to include a postcard with QR codes for each item, allowing the consumer to learn more about the box’s contents quickly.

The site claims these boxes are limited in nature. But I’m not sure what kind of volume they sell. Most pickleball players are probably too old or wise to fall for a Mystery Box. Honestly, nothing felt “exclusive” about the box I received.

But let me be clear: I don’t regret ordering the Pickleball Central Mystery Box, I’m just not blown away. YMMV.

I got to hit the court with each paddle and Pickleball Rookie Jr. Ironically, after hitting with each paddle, Junior pronounced that he would be sticking with his generic GRM paddle set from Amazon. Granted, he is showing the impatience of a 10-year-old, not willing to adjust and stick with what he knows. But who knows. Perhaps his opinion is a testament to what is actually needed to play this game–which unless you’re a Pro–is not much.

I enjoyed the pickleball mystery box; I simply saw a few easy opportunities to improve it.

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