When Do You Switch Sides in Pickleball?

Knowing when to switch sides is one of the most challenging concepts for new pickleball players to grasp. I’ve seen my fair share of confusion on the court when it comes to switching sides, but it gets better with time and practice. 

From alternating serves to showing common courtesy when in rec play, this is your guide on when to switch sides when playing pickleball.

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Basic Pickleball Strategy: Get to the Kitchen Quickly

We’ve all been told countless times that a basic pickleball strategy is to get to the kitchen ASAP. And it’s great advice! But there’s more to it than just rushing up the court. Getting to the kitchen quickly is important, but effectiveness is key. If you make a poor approach, an experienced player will exploit your error more often than not. 

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Why Play Pickleball? Here Are My Top 11 Reasons

With pickleball getting seemingly overhyped across America, many people ask, “why play pickleball?” and wonder if the sport is a passing fad.

As someone who spends a fair share of his time consuming pickleball-related content, one consistent theme is that people either love it or hate it. It’s ironic that such an innocent sport can be so polarizing, but this is just how it is in the 21st century. As with most things in this world, society loves to build things up and tear them down.

However, I advise you not to become a victim of the hype.

Pickleball is fantastic. And the best part is getting out there to play the game.

So while the pundits debate the credibility of pickleball as a sport (it is!), you would be best served to pick up a paddle and play. Here are a few benefits of playing pickleball.

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How to Keep Focus During Pickleball – These Tactics Helped Me Win My First Tournament

It was my first pickleball match with a professional referee officiating. And I found myself unusually nervous.

The kitchen turned into a fiery cauldron; I became hyperaware of my surroundings.

Not only did it freak me out that someone was watching the match, but I didn’t know what to expect. The referee, who was super nice, explained that part of the gig entails calling the score before each serve. A minor detail, yet one more thing to think about during the tournament final.

The match got underway, and the first rally ended abruptly when my assigned partner was called for a kitchen violation.


There’s that ref again!

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How to Serve in Pickleball – Rules and Tips

If you are wondering how to serve in pickleball, you are in the right place! From pickleball serve rules to the types of pickleball serves to master, we have you covered.

The serve is one of the most important aspects of pickleball. A good serve can put your opponent on the defensive and give you an early lead in the game. In this blog post, we’ll go over the basics of serving in pickleball, including the rules, foot placement, types of serves, and strategy. By the end of this post, you’ll be an ace at serving! And that’s key. Because if you can’t get your serve in…you can’t score!

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Pickleball vs. Tennis – A Comparison and Frequently Asked Questions

The factions have formed, and the world seems to be debating the merits of Pickleball vs. Tennis. Pitting one sport against another is one of the dumbest things ever. If a game can provide joy and produce fans, can’t we all just get along? But there I go, dreaming again.

Rather than look at a battle between racquet and paddles; plastic and rubber; skill and fun; let’s examine several main differences between pickleball and tennis.

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My First Pickleball Tournament: Tribulations and Triumph

So, you want to play in your first pickleball tournament? I did. And here’s what I learned.

After playing in several leagues and learning more about pickleball over the past few months, I finally did it: I played in my first pickleball tournament. The outdoor event had me in the 35+ 3.5 doubles division, where the organizers would match me with a partner. The weather here in New York was 85゚ and sunny, with minimal wind.

If you are considering playing in an upcoming tournament, I learned a few things that I’d like to share.

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How to Start Playing Pickleball and Pickleball Etiquette

You’ve read the hype and are ready to start playing pickleball. The problem? You’re not 100% certain about what you need to do next. So relax. Pickleball Rookie has you covered with everything you need to step onto the pickleball court this week. There are no silly questions, and we’ll keep it super basic with this Pickleball 101 lesson.

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Setting Pickleball Goals for the Remainder of the Year

Pickleball is more than a recreational sport to me. I aspire to make it part of my profession; how I make money.

And I am a realist.

I am not going to be a professional pickleball player. I’m not going to make money from playing in tournaments. And, as of today, I don’t have the money to open up my dream pickleball hall that serves up draft beers, dim sum, live music, and features state-of-the-art courts.

Hey, a guy can dream.

pickleball goals

However, there has to be a way to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit and connect pickleball to my career. The seeds are this very blog that you are reading. Pickleball Rookie is my attempt to take what I know–creating content that people and search engines enjoy–and leverage the site to build relationships and uncover opportunities that help spread love for the sport. Filling my heart with joy would be nice, too.

As I approach the six-month anniversary of playing pickleball for the first time, it is time to set several goals for the remainder of the year. So here they are, laid out in public glory for all to see. That’s my brand of accountability!

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