The Truth: How Long Does a Pickleball Paddle Last?

The longevity of a pickleball paddle is based on the frequency of play, the aggressiveness of your strokes, temperature, common-sense care, and several other variables.

The issue never occurred to me until two weeks ago when I was having a dreadful night on the court. Rather than self-reflect and recognize that I was tired, distracted, and frustrated, I did the next logical thing–I blamed my paddle. Equipment malfunction!

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Pickleball Paddle Weight Guide- How to Choose the Right Equipment

Pickleball paddle weight is an important consideration when choosing your equipment.

Different weights for pickleball paddles offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the weight best suits your needs is essential.

There is no “best” weight for pickleball paddles, as different players have different preferences. However, most experts agree that pickleball paddle weight is a personal preference and that the best way to choose the right weight is to experiment with different weights until you find the one that feels best for you.

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Pickleball Gloves – Are They Right for Your Game?

If you are new to pickleball, you probably have many questions, including, do I need to wear pickleball gloves? The short answer is the choice is yours–it’s simply a matter of preference. And while the vast majority of pickleball players do not wear gloves, there are several benefits depending on how your body is constructed.

Here are several reasons gloves for pickleball might work for your game.

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