Dink ‘n’ Dish: Chris Clark of Toss and Spin

Today you meet Chris Clark, the dynamic founder of Toss and Spin, an events company that breaks down barriers, making racquet and paddle sports available to all.

After a 9-year tenure in the corporate world, a furlough during the pandemic became the catalyst for Chris to take a different path. His lifelong passion for racket sports culminated in the creation of Toss and Spin, which began as a tennis-centric venture and soon expanded to include pickleball.

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The Best Pickleball Team Building Exercises

Pickleball team building presents a ton of opportunities for teams to bond. Whether you are looking to rally the sales staff, break down walls between departments, or bring people closer together post-pandemic, pickleball’s low barrier to entry and proximity of play make it the perfect event to bring people together.

Here are a few reasons why Pickleball Rookie predicts that pickleball team building is the next wave of the sport’s rapid growth.

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