8 Common Pickleball Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Pickleball, a blend of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, is steadily gaining traction amongst sports enthusiasts of all ages. Just like any other sport, though, there’s a learning curve that we all must overcome. As I’ve worked to improve my game, I’ve noted some common pitfalls. Here are eight frequent pickleball mistakes and how you can steer clear of them.

Common Pickleball Mistakes

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1. Overhitting the Ball 
The Mistake: Especially for beginners, the temptation to slam every ball can be overwhelming. You might think that a powerful hit equates to a winning point, but it often leads to balls soaring out of bounds. 

The Fix: Focus on control and placement rather than power. Using a gentle touch for dinks or drop shots can be just as effective as a hard smash.

slam pickleball

2. Neglecting the “No-Volley Zone” 
The Mistake: Many players either forget about or poorly utilize the “No-Volley Zone” (or kitchen). Stepping into this zone while volleying is a fault, and it’s also a mistake to stay away from it during a rally. 

The Fix: Familiarize yourself with the rules regarding the No-Volley Zone. Strive to approach the kitchen line to put pressure on opponents but remember never to volley while standing inside it.

3. Poor Serve Technique 
The Mistake: Serving either too soft (making it an easy return for your opponent) or too hard (sending it out of bounds). 

The Fix: Practice a consistent, deep serve that lands close to the baseline. Remember, your serve doesn’t need to be a winner; it just needs to initiate play.

4. Ignoring the Middle of the Court 
The Mistake: Concentrating too much on hitting balls down the sidelines or diagonally can leave the middle of the court vulnerable. 

The Fix: Work on hitting shots down the middle, especially when playing doubles. This can cause confusion between opponents as to who should take the ball.

5. Playing Back Too Often 
The Mistake: Staying in the backcourt gives your opponents ample space to drop short balls and control the front court. 

The Fix: Move forward! Secure a position close to the net, particularly during dinks. This aggressive stance can help you control the rally.

6. Inconsistent or Predictable Play 
The Mistake: Repeatedly playing the same shots makes you predictable, allowing opponents to anticipate and counteract your moves. 

The Fix: Mix up your shots! Combine deep drives, soft drops, volleys, and lobs to keep your opponents on their toes.

7. Lack of Communication in Doubles 
The Mistake: When playing doubles, not communicating with your partner can lead to missed balls or both players going for the same shot. 

The Fix: Talk! Decide who will take middle balls, announce “mine” or “yours” during play, and discuss strategies between points. Good communication is the cornerstone of an effective doubles partnership.

pickleball doubles

8. Failing to Watch and Adapt to the Opponent 
The Mistake: Sticking to one strategy, even when it’s not working, because you’re not observing and analyzing the opponents’ gameplay. 

The Fix: Pay attention to your opponents’ patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Are they struggling with backhand shots? Do they frequently leave one area exposed? Adjust your play to exploit these weaknesses.

As we navigate the thrilling world of pickleball, mistakes are bound to happen. They’re an integral part of the learning process. By recognizing these common errors and taking proactive steps to avoid them, we can elevate our game and derive more enjoyment from this captivating sport.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been wielding a paddle for years, remember that continuous learning and adapting are the keys to mastering pickleball. Happy playing, and may your journey on the court be as fulfilling as mine!

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