10 Tips to Elevate Your Pickleball Skills

When I first picked up a pickleball paddle, my sole focus was ensuring the ball made it over the net. Over time, as I started to feel the rhythm of the ball and the paddle, I grew more confident, learning the rules and refining my reflexes. Gradually, I evolved from a novice player to someone quite proficient. It felt like the game had become second nature to me. And oh, how exhilarating it was to win!

But, as the adage goes, with growth comes challenges. Facing opponents with greater experience humbled me and kindled a burning desire to enhance my game even further. If you find yourself in a similar position, craving to advance in pickleball, allow me to share some valuable insights from my journey.

1. Communication Is Everything

Playing doubles means you’re not alone on the court. Discussing strategies with your partner before the game can be a game-changer. Be clear about who takes the lead and who covers the rear. Remember to shout ‘mine!’ to prevent any confusion during close shots. Celebrate and uplift each other, regardless of the outcome of a rally. Unity and positivity can lead to surprising results!

Pickleball Skills

2. Advance to the Kitchen Line 

Position yourself close to the kitchen line whenever possible. By doing so, you create a formidable barrier against your opponents, forcing them to play defensively while you seize opportunities to score. If you’re returning, be quick to move forward post-return. However, safety first: watch out for those swift balls and avoid stepping on the kitchen line.

3. Hone the Dink 

Dinking, although a seemingly simple shot, can make a massive difference. Executed correctly, it slows down the game, allowing you to strategize. Aiming for diagonal or cross-court dinks increases your chances of success and can leave your opponent scrambling. Dinking is a pickleball skill you will want to master!

4. Keep Them Guessing 

Never let your opponent predict your moves. Vary your shots using different angles, paces, spins, and heights. A good mix can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

5. Harness the Wind 

When playing outdoors, the wind is a variable you can’t ignore. Use it to your advantage! If the wind’s behind you, move forward. If it’s against you, step back. Adjust your serves and shots to elevate your pickleball skills, always being cautious of its unpredictable nature.

6. Exploit the Backhand 

Targeting the opponent’s backhand, especially in singles, can yield great rewards. Many players lean towards their forehand, so challenge them by making them adjust their body orientation frequently.

7. Perfect Your Footwork 

Graceful footwork is key. Your feet should be agile, allowing you to move in any direction swiftly. Practice by hitting balls against a wall at home, maintaining a consistent foot movement. Stability is crucial, so maintain a proper stance and always land on the balls of your feet.

8. The Third Shot Drop is Crucial 

The 3rd shot drop can be a game-changer. Serve, return, then go for the drop. This strategic play helps your team move closer to the kitchen line, keeping opponents on the back foot. Perfect this shot, and you’ll definitely see an uptick in your game.

9. Work Seamlessly With Your Partner 

Remember, in doubles, you’re a team. Understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and move in harmony. Keeping an open line of communication and playing to each other’s strengths can often outplay raw skill.

10. Never Underestimate the Serve 

Unlike tennis, in pickleball, you want to ensure your serve is consistent. Yes, variety helps, but the focus should always be on keeping the ball in play, especially since you only get one chance at serving.

From my experiences, refining these aspects of my game made a significant difference. Adopting these strategies not only helped me gain a competitive edge but also enriched my love for the sport. Remember, every player’s journey is unique. Embrace yours, enjoy every moment, and may your game reach new heights!

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