Pickleball Noise Concerns Addressed With New ‘Quiet Category’

USA Pickleball takes proactive measures against pickleball noise to ensure the sport pleases the masses.

pickleball noise

USA Pickleball, the sport’s national governing body, has taken a significant step by unveiling its “Quiet Category” for pickleball products. This progressive move comes in light of growing noise concerns associated with the sport, focusing on reducing sound levels during recreational play.

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You need to look no further than Google queries for terms such as “quiet pickleball paddles,” “quiet pickleball balls,” and “how to make pickleball quieter.”

It’s sad when you have to be sneaky to do what you love–especially when it’s good clean fun!

A study by Bob Unetich, a retired engineer and the owner of Pickleball Sound Mitigation, reveals that from a distance of 100 feet, the sound emanating from pickleball strikes can go up to 70 decibels (dBA), comparable to some vacuum cleaners. In contrast, the usual outdoor background noise hovers around a slightly disturbing 55 dBA.

Quieting Pickleball Noise

Several grievances arise due to the sound characteristics of pickleball:

  • The distinctive, sharp sound when paddles make contact with the ball.
  • The relentless nature of the noise given the sport’s fast-paced action, where players can hit the ball multiple times in quick succession; on average, 10x per rally.
  • Proximity of pickleball courts to residential zones, making noise potentially disruptive for those seeking relaxation or sleep. This scenario has many people saying that “pickleball sucks.”

USA Pickleball Takes a Purposeful Approach

The Quiet Category is a testament to USA Pickleball‘s commitment to addressing pickleball noise concerns and serving as the industry’s foremost resource in noise reduction solutions. It aims to recognize products that lessen acoustic output while ensuring peak performance.

  • Benefiting Communities: With a significant rise in noise-related complaints, this initiative focuses on harmonizing the relationship between residential areas and pickleball facilities, aiming for an optimal experience for players and residents alike.
  • In-depth Research: USA Pickleball, for over 15 months, has actively engaged in research, collaborating with acoustic experts. Given pickleball’s surging popularity, communities nationwide are looking for solutions to meet the growing demand for play areas without compromising on peace.
  • Scope of the Quiet Category: Products under this category will significantly reduce the acoustic footprint. This category covers a wide range of products, with an incentive program for manufacturers emphasizing noise reduction.
  • Collaborations and Expansions: Beyond forging partnerships with global sports goods brands, USA Pickleball is enhancing its Facilities Development program. This focuses on noise-reduction solutions for sensitive venues and offers guidance to municipalities.

A Balanced Perspective

While some find the sounds of pickleball part of its charm, respecting those disturbed by it is essential. Solutions such as relocating courts further from homes, promoting quieter paddles and balls, and using sound barriers are a few ways to strike a balance.

Anticipate further announcements from USA Pickleball on their acoustic ventures in the coming months, showcasing a future where the sport thrives in harmony with its surroundings. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, pickleball noise reduction remains on the radar.

Quiet Pickleball Merch

Meet The OWL Paddle, the first quiet category merchandise to drop. Using a proprietary “Acoustene™ sheath,” the paddle claims to cut noise by 50%. It also looks cute and soft enough to pet.

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