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Welcome to our weekly wrap-up of pickleball happenings around the globe.

Pickleball Gets Preppy

As the sport of pickleball continues its mainstream ascent, more retailers are jumping into the game. This past week J. Crew got in on the action by launching a collab with Recess, a pickleball paddle, and an accessory brand. At the time of this writing, many of the stylish paddles are sold out. Coming soon: Pickleball balls by Vineyard Vines? An indoor pickleball court while you wait at the DMV? (Hmmmm…I actually like the idea of the latter!)

Up Next: Selkirk Labs 003

Labeled as “the Ultimate Paddle for Power, Control, and Spin,” Selkirik is positioning its Labs 003 project as the dream paddle. Has the leading paddle manufacturer created a unicorn paddle? Only time will tell, but with the thickest core available (20mm) and promising more power/control than any previous Selkirk paddle, we’re excited to get our hands on one for a test drive. Expect to pay north of $300 when the paddle is released. But can you put a price on perfection?

Find of the Week

The find of the week goes to these yellow plastic paddles. I’ve seen some pretty cheap pickleball equipment with these might take the cake. While I am pleased to see equipment available at all price points, and recognize that everyone needs to start somewhere, I have no doubt that you would be better off with a $12 wood paddle. But hey, whatever gets the kids playing!

My Pickleball Journey

While only able to play once this week, I had a strong showing, winning most of my games–but more importantly, really enjoying myself. My goal was to play the game the “right” way, relying on deep shots, dinks and speed changes. Many of my shots were praised by other players. I walked away feeling validated that my game is improving, making me feel warm and fuzzy.

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